Project Overview

The fire station and reservoir project will meet neighborhood and city goals for greater safety and water supply reliability.

The Joint Project Site

  • City-owned parcel on N 30th Street
  • Fire station in front (southern) portion of site; reservoir in rear (northern) portion of site
  • Location characteristics for site fit a combined need
    • Originally purchased for Fire Station 15, strategic location for service
    • Adds water storage on west side of I-405
    • Critical elevation for water pressure
  • Site achieves cost savings from co-location of services

Project funding

Fire Station 15 Capital Budget- $5.5 Million

(Annual Operations and maintenance cost of $32,000)

Funding for a new Fire Station 15 was part of the package approved by Renton and Fire District #25 voters in April 2016’s Proposition 1, establishing the RRFA.

Reservoir Capital Budget = $7 Million

Funding for the design and construction of the new reservoir will be from the Water Utility Capital Improvement Program budget.